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Tree Fractals on a Water Canvas

Photography: Bridging Art and Science

A Course in the Art/Science Fusion Program at
The Univeristy of California, Davis

Beginning with centuries-old experiments in optics and chemistry to the present-day digital revolution, the camera has not only relied on science for its development, it has been an essential scientific tool for probing and documenting the natural world. In the hands of the artist, the camera has heightened our awareness of the aesthetic qualities of space and light while revealing hidden truths about culture and society.

In this course, photography is used to explore the common ground between art and science. Topics include a brief journey through photographic history, principles of space, time and light, aesthetics in art and science, geometrical foundations of art and science, photographic composition,
and photographic interpretation and documentation of the environment. Students will have opportunities to discover their own creative potential through hands-on photography projects.

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